Exclusion of Vitsche e.V. board member

We, Alliance of Ukrainian Organizations, inform that with the expulsion of Vitsche board member Anton Dorokh (pseudonym)*he is no longer allowed to represent and represent our organization, and any cooperation with Alliance of Ukrainian Organizations is terminated with immediate effect. We support the decision of our partner Vitsche e.V. to exclude Mr. Dorokh from their association due to his former activity with Russian propaganda media “RUPTLY” and “Russia Today”. Mr. Dorokh did not disclose this information transparently to the organizations of the alliance as well as Vitsche e.V.. A current or past activity in the service of Russian propaganda, which has not been disclosed to us, contradicts both the interests of the Vitsche association as well as the Alliance of Ukrainian Organizations in Germany and our understanding of collegial, trusting cooperation.

Alliance of Ukrainian Organizations advocates free, open, and truthful reporting as well as transparency and uninfluenced media both in Ukraine and in all other countries. Propagandistic reporting is part of the war directed by the Russian Federation against Ukraine and waged both openly and hybridly, which began in 2014 with the occupation of Krym in violation of international law and expanded dramatically in 2022 with the large-scale expansion of attacks across the entire territory of Ukraine. Activity in the spirit of this hostile reporting is incompatible with activity for our network