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We collect donations through the already established donation accounts of our member organizations:

Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V.
Bank: Deutsche Skatbank

IBAN: DE24 8306 5408 0004 8722 15


Purpose: Spende Nothilfe Ukraine

PLAST Ukrainischer
Pfadfinderbund in Berlin e.V.
Bank: Deutsche Skatbank

IBAN: DE88 8306 5408 0004 2640 37


Purpose: Spende Nothilfe Ukraine

Ukrainische Orthodoxe Kirchengemeinde e.V.

Bank: Berliner Sparkasse

IBAN: DE64 1005 0000 0190 6741 30


Purpose: Schutzausstattung

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Official appeal for donations and authorization of the Ukrainian Embassy in the Federal Republic of Germany

Frequently asked questions

In which areas do we engage?

Establishment of a crisis center as a point of contact and information point for all kinds of requests for help.

Direct reception of requests from Ukrainian hospitals, aid organizations, authorities, and the local civilian population, including the continuous updating of needs lists and their publication

Targeted procurement, coordination and logistics of protective equipment, medical aid and humanitarian assistance

Political work: cooperation with political and non-political organizations; in the future, cultural events and educational work are also planned.

Help for refugees: mediation between refugees and volunteers in the procurement of accommodation and transportation.

Your donations will be used exclusively for the procurement of further relief supplies. Transportation costs will be covered privately.

How do the relief supplies reach the people affected?

Currently, we coordinate private trips directly to the Ukraine or to collection points near the Ukrainian border, from where additional networks are used for further transport to the Ukraine. The costs of the trips are borne privately by the volunteers.

Our focus is on the transport of goods to the Ukraine.

So far, we have coordinated over 100 transport vehicles of various sizes to Ukraine or to collection points on the Ukrainian border.

Our goal is to greatly increase our capacity to transport important goods.